Monday, November 9, 2009

The Basics

Who: Me. Kate. Age 27. Former literature major. Current taxonomist and search specialist. Writer. Knitter.

What: I'm going to read all those things I feel like I should have read, an author at a time. I'll read all of the author's major works and at least one piece of criticism. And, of course, I'll blog my progress here.

When: Starting January 1, 2010.

Where: Right here. Also on Twitter.

Why: Oh, lots of reasons. I like projects. I miss homework. I apparently need to make myself as busy as possible. But seriously, it's because I feel like when I tell people that I have a degree in literature, they expect me to have read all sorts of stuff that, for some reason, I did not in fact need to read to get said degree. And I want to read all these things, these classics, these big-name books. Really I do. But I need something to keep me going. So that's where you come in! I'm hoping that by blogging about these books as I read, I'll keep motivated.

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